How To Prepare For Natural Disasters Like Tsunamis


By definition, a tsunami refers to “a series of waves caused by disturbances in large bodies of water.” These disturbances include volcanic eruptions and catastrophic earthquakes. 71% of Earth is also made up of water – making it a good enough reason to always come prepared for this kind of natural disaster.

Here are some ways:

Save up.

Prep and save, as they say. Make it a point to save up not just for your basic needs, but also for packed goods and emergency kits. Make it also a point to save up not just for yourself, but also for your entire family – no matter what kind of relationship you have with them and no matter what kind of people they are. Always remember, you only have one family. You can always get money, but you only get one chance to save their lives when this kind of natural disaster happens in your city.

Research more.

Emergency preparedness for any kind of natural disasters includes a whole lot of research – not just on how to prepare, but also what to do during and what to do after. It includes where to go and who to reach, as well as what to look out for and how to know it will happen. This will not only allow you to save yourself and save your family’s lives, but also save other people’s lives.

Be alert.

Now that you’ve done a whole lot of research, it’s time for you to apply what you’ve learned. Watch out for any shakes felt underground. Moreover, watch out for any changes around you like birds flying in the opposite direction. In addition, make sure to tune in news stations on the radio for any updates on the situation – like when a catastrophic earthquake happens.

Do you know any other ways to prepare for natural disasters like tsunamis? Share them with us below!