The Simple Act of Giving Comfort and Relief in Bad Times

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Suffering in times of calamities and disasters may be a shared experience for the victims. But it is also a uniquely painful experience for everyone. Grief and the challenges of getting back on their feet are just some of the most difficult things that those who have suffered have to deal with. And even for people who want to help, finding ways to offer comfort and relief may not always be easy. Some may feel unsure on how they can help others going through unimaginable pain and suffering. Comforting others may not seem like much, but it is often one of those small acts of kindness that may provide a measure of relief from the pain. Here are some simple ways of showing compassion and empathy to those who may be going through a rough time.

Let them know that you are there for them. If you want to learn how to comfort someone, being there when you are needed is a good start. A lot of times, your presence alone can be uplifting to those who need someone to talk to or be with in times of crises.

Listen to their stories. You can use your listening skills to provide comfort to others who may be experiencing some difficulties in life. Pay attention to what is being said and left unsaid. Be sensitive to the nuances that may give you a hint of the things that those who are suffering may not be verbalizing.
It enables you to tune in to emotional and other non-verbal cues that could give you a hint on how best to comfort them.

Don’t judge. Avoid passing judgments on other people’s problems. If you want to provide comfort, seek to understand instead of judging other people’s actions or behaviors. Listen as objectively as possible. Make a mental note of the things that you may want to clarify at a more appropriate time.

Give them space. Dealing with a crisis can be confusing and overwhelming for some people. You can offer possible solutions to the problem at hand without being pushy. Present them with options, but give them the time they need to think and decide on the best course of action.

Get others to help. You may know of other friends who would gladly give comfort and support. Rallying others’ support can help you find more ways to uplift someone’s spirit in a time of crisis.

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